11 elements that affect the comfort of work in a coworking office

Working in a coworking office is a great alternative to a home office. However, for the use of flexible spaces to make sense, you need to choose a place that will provide you with maximum comfort. Therefore, when comparing offers, pay attention not only to the price for a workspace or location. The comfort you can expect there are just as important. Remember: everyone has different needs. While reading, evaluate which of the elements we have listed are less and which are more important to you.

1. Ergonomic armchairs in a coworking office

Due to the nature of your work, you will spend many hours at your desk in a coworking space? If so, be sure to check whether its space has been arranged in accordance with the principles of ergonomics. The key issue is the quality and ergonomics of office armchairs. If you plan to “sit down” working on the computer for 2-3 hours a day, a standard chair will suffice. However, if these are longer sessions that you will spend tapping on the keyboard, make sure that you can count on proper office furniture. The spine will thank you!

2. Standing desks

Another element that can be included in the category of work ergonomics. The proverbial (and literal) sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day is not very beneficial for the body. There may be problems with blood circulation in the legs, the feeling of being “stuck”, as well as a discomfort from the spine – even if you are a young and very active person.

The answer to this challenge can be standing desks or desks that can be quickly changed in height. Why? Because there are tasks that you can successfully complete while standing. As a result, you will not have to interrupt your activity to “stretch your bones”. This is a solution that you will appreciate very quickly!

3. Fast Wi-Fi

In theory, access to wireless Internet in a coworking office is “obvious”. In practice – too. But it is worth asking what speed the connection is provided. This is especially important if you download or send large graphic files or make video calls while working. With poor Wi-Fi, you may feel frustrated.

4. Access to office equipment (printer, scanner, photocopier)

Does your job require printing additional materials or sending signed and scanned documents from time to time? If so, make sure you can do these activities in a coworking office. Thanks to this, you will save time – it will not be necessary to prepare documentation or carry heavy materials with you to the office. You will arrange everything on the spot.

Good coworking offices have at least one multifunctional device that can be used by any person renting a flexible space. The rules for using such equipment can be varied – it is worth asking about it.

5. Free water

A small thing, but it so benefitial! Especially that good hydration during work is very important – it allows you to maintain a higher level of concentration and better well-being. Yes, you can bring a bottle of water or your favorite energy drink with you. However, sometimes in a hurry you can forget about it. A publicly available spring water dispenser will ensure that you will not have to break away from your duties and run to a nearby store.

6.Free coffe and tee

Drinking freshly brewed coffee or tea – not from a paper cup, but from a cup – is a real pleasure. A few sips can give you energy to act and improve your mood. In many coworking spaces, these drinks are included in the price. Most often, in the break room/kitchen there is a kettle, as well as a coffee machine, and all the products needed to prepare your favorite drink. This makes you feel almost at home!

7. Quiet zone

Working in a coworking space in an open space can be very inspiring and stimulate creativity. Working in such a place also allows you to avoid the feeling of loneliness – “being with people” is a good injection of energy. The problem is that there are tasks that require absolute concentration: in-depth data analysis, preparation of the text of the offer, etc. In such situations, the typical office hype may be unacceptable.

If your work requires maximum concentration from time to time and minimizing distracting stimuli – make sure there is a quiet zone in the coworking office. It is a space that is usually additionally muted. You will not be exposed to noise here.

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8. Phone booths

Probably your job requires you to make phone calls. Some of them are probably of a confidential nature. In this case, it is difficult to make a call in openspace. Pay attention to whether you will be able to conduct such conversations in the workplace you choose. The most common solution proposed by coworking offices are phone booths or small rooms that are acoustically insulated.

9. Chill zone

Long performance of tasks that require maximum concentration causes a need to rest. A short break of several minutes before performing another difficult task can be a way to be more effective. At your desk, it can be difficult for you to break away from your responsibilities.

Therefore, it is good if a coworking office is equipped with a relaxation zone. It can be a social room with comfortable sofas or, for example, an atmospheric space with a so-called bean bags or other comfortable seats. Here you can relax, chat with other coworking users, and even move with your work to gain a new perspective.

10. Terrace and garden

After staring at your computer screen for a few hours, you may want to take a break and take a deep breath. A great way to regain your energy is to relax in the fresh air. Sometimes even a few minutes outside works better than the strongest coffee. So if you plan to spend a lot of time in a coworking office, check if the facility has a terrace or a garden where you can sit on a sunny day. Who knows? Maybe you will also use this space for creative activities – going out of the box and developing new concepts sometimes requires a change of environment as well.

A terrace or a garden can also be good places to talk with other coworking users and establish interesting contacts.

11. Access to a coworking office 24h / 7

One of the perks of being a freelancer is the lack of rigid working hours. This means that you can adjust the hours of professional activity to both your private life and your chronotype. Do you work at unusual hours, e.g. very early in the morning or late in the evening? Make sure the coworking space where you want to rent a desk is open 24h. More and more flexible offices work on this principle, so finding a venue that will be available whenever you need it will not be a problem.

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