6 elements that should be considered when choosing a serviced office

A private serviced office is a more and more frequent choice of companies. Greater flexibility and rental comfort in this model are advantages that cannot be overestimated. Along with the growing interest in such spaces, there are also more offers and locations. So there is a challenge: what, apart from the price, should be taken into account when choosing office space for rent? Here are the factors you need to pay attention to.

1. Adjusting the size of the office space to the number of employees

The space of a private office is one of the first elements that you should pay attention to when choosing a place. Even though you rent an office for workplaces, different venues with the same number of work stations will offer you different area. So how much space is needed for one employee? It depends. Regulations state that there must be at least 2 sq. m of free floor space per person – i.e. one that is not occupied by furniture or appliances. But how do you translate it into office realities?

  • In the minimal version, at least, there should be approx. 5 sq. m of “working” space per one employee, not taking into account the common space, eg kitchen or corridor.
  • In the optimal version, the space per employee is 7 sq. m
  • In the comfortable option, the employee should have approx. 10 sq. m available for the position.

Additionally, it is worth asking yourself what are the plans for expansion in the near future. If you are planning new vacancies within a few months, this must be taken into account when renting.

The specificity of the duties performed is also important. While employees work most of the day in focus, performing tasks on their own, the density of open space positions may be slightly greater than when they are talking to clients.

Therefore, it is worth discussing this issue with experts at the stage of searching for a flexible surface.

2. Serviced office equipment

An equipped service office means that you can start working there very quickly. You do not waste time furnishing it and adapting it. There are desks, ergonomic armchairs and other amenities that allow you to perform typical duties. Therefore, there is a lot to gain from this, even though this option is usually associated with a higher rent.

An office without equipment is a less common solution, but it happens or is an option in venues where on regural basis private offices are equipped. This option may be a better option if:

  • you are planning a long-term lease,
  • you want to give the office a character that reflects the image of your brand,
  • you need specific equipment or unusual space organization,
  • you already have your own equipment and want to move it to a new location.

Consider both options and see which one will be better for you.


3. Location of the private serviced office

It is worth looking at this issue from two perspectives. First of all – it is, of course, about the location of the office in the city. Suburb or city center? A business district or a more fashionable place? In this context, it is worth paying attention to such issues as the availability of the venue by public transport, the number of parking spaces or access to the parking lot for bicycles / electric scooters, etc.

But that’s not all. The location of the office in the building itself is equally important – the floor or the side where the windows are facing. You can read more about choosing the right location here.

4. Opening hours of the venue where your serviced office is located

Do you want to provide your employees with the opportunity to work in flexible hours? This is a good solution that fits in with the work-life balance trend. However, before you offer such an option, make sure that the venue where your office is to be located will provide this option. There are office buildings that are open 24 hours a day. If this point is important to you, pay attention to it.

5. The period of the lease

Are you looking for a office for rent for a few months or space in which you plan your business for longer? In uncertain times, it can be difficult for you to sign a lease for more than 12 months – it is difficult to predict what the company’s office needs will look like in a year or two. Therefore, find out what is the minimum period for which a contract must be signed. Today, it is becoming easier and easier to get the short- and medium-term option.

6. Additional services

Check which services you will have included in the rental price. Cleaning? External reception to handle your correspondence and parcels? Technical service that will provide support in the event of a hardware failure? Access to network printers? Social and entertainment space open to all users of the facility? There are many possibilities. It is worth getting to know them and comparing them with each other.

Still need support in choosing the perfect serviced office? Check out our practical guide. It will allow you to evaluate venues in terms of how they meet your expectations. Take a look or contact us and find out about the available options!venue