6 reasons why you should rent flexible office space

Flexible office spaces are becoming more and more popular. There are many arguments for choosing this model of using office space. Below we present, in our opinion, the most important ones.

1. Large selection of locations

Flexible office spaces experienced a very dynamic development in 2016-2019. This concerned both serviced offices and workspaces generally known as coworking spaces. Today, flexible offices for rent are a very popular alternative to traditional office leases. New venues with flex spaces most often are being opened in office buildings in the city center, but tere are also those located more locally, in districts away from the center. Chains of venues with flexible offices are being developed by development companies, building office buildings for rent, international networks specializing in the lease of flex space, but also successfully private investors. Locations in the city center are larger and can even accommodate companies looking for more than 100-200 workstations for their employees. Venues located further from the center, apart from other office building clusters, will be much smaller.

Due to the constantly growing popularity, and also due to other tangible benefits (see below), which have been demonstrated by the Covid-19 experience, you can find a flexible office practically where you need it.

2. Possibility to sign contracts for any specified period

The flexibility of the flexible office is primarily flexibility of a period of renting/using the office space. You can sign a contract for several months, and often for an indefinite period. This allows you to respond to the challenges posed by the market. It allows for quick termination of the lease. This is an extremely important aspect when a company needs to reduce costs, has fewer projects, wants to relocate, or due to unforeseen events such as the Covid-19 pandemic needs to react. A short commitment period also allows you to move to a larger office more easily if your organization grows dynamically.

3. Offices “immediately” ready  to rent

Flexible offices have this advantage that they are available almost immediately (depending on the space required). This gives the organization the ability to quickly and easily provide additional space to work in the event of a sudden increase in the number of employees, when the company is dynamically developing or starting additional projects. The vast majority of flexible office spaces are fully equipped, furnished and ready to work. This means that the tenant does not have to incur high costs of adaptation and waste valuable time adapting the rented office space to the needs of employees. It is worth noting that many flexible offices are characterized by tasteful design, high-quality materials and well-equipped common areas, e.g. a kitchen. This significantly increases the comfort of work.

4. All costs included in one membership fee

Traditional office lease involves many additional charges that are not included in the rent. These will be, for example, operating costs, cleaning the rented area or the Internet connection. Whereas flex spaces  will provide you with one invoice. The price usually includes everything: the use of space, utilities, reception service, usually also coffee and tea. One invoice means easier billing and no extra steps and no administrative costs. This solution allows you to easily control all costs related to your office.

5. No need to be included in the company’s financial statements

In accordance with the international accounting standard IFRS 16, long-term leases must be included in the financial statements as a liability, which increases the company’s debt level. This requirement does not apply to short-term rentals of less than 12 months, which are treated as current operating expenses, and therefore do not need to be reported in the balance sheet.

6. Creative work environment in hybrid work model

Design spaces, sharing the workplace with the environment of start-ups, freelancers and people with an open mind – all this makes flexible offices favor creativity and innovation. For some companies, it is even a key advantage of renting such space and a chance to establish relationships with a potential client, subcontractor, partner. Thanks to this, the flex office is a great alternative, depending on the needs, for working both from home and from a traditional office in gaining popularity (and for some employees “must have”) hybrid work model.

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