7 best places in Warsaw for private serviced office

Do you think about a private serviced office in Warsaw? This is a great idea, especially since the capital offers many interesting venues of a high standard. However, the key issue is, of course, the location. Which district of Warsaw to choose for your headquarters? It all depends on your business needs. Check what the different areas of the city are characterized by and for whom they are a good solution.

1. A private office in the center of Warsaw

Śródmieście (CBD) is the most prestigious location for an office in Warsaw. Here, the business is run by the largest players and those who care about the “wow” effect. The address at Nowy Świat, Krucza or Świętokrzyska Street is impressive. So it can be an important showcase. In addition, such a location can help organize meetings with contractors from outside the capital – those who come to Warsaw by rail and appreciate the ability to easily get to their destination.

It should be remembered that although there are many office buildings in the center of Warsaw, the demand for them is equally high. Therefore, it may be difficult to find a space with optimal parameters here. You also have to take into account the highest prices in the capital. So it is not a solution for everyone.

2. Private office in Mokotów

Mokotów is a district with many modern office buildings available. There is a lot of space for rent here, and its standard – comparable to that in the center. You can count on lower rental rates. It is also a place perfectly connected to the rest of the capital, so it is appreciated by employees.

However, it must be remembered that Mokotów is a less prestigious location than Śródmieście. So it will be more suitable for companies that do not accept customers on-site. That is why there are many call centers and international corporations here – for them it is a space that combines an optimal price with great conditions.

3. Private office in Wola

Wola is another district located close to the city center. Perfectly connected with the rest of the capital, with many attractive facilities. The conditions here are similar to those in the city center, but with a slightly lower rent. This neighborhood is perceived as a highly prestigious and representative space – it is a good place for your headquarters, also if you serve clients in the office.

4. Private office in Ochota

Ochota can be compared to Mokotów. It is a great place for large corporations, but also for smaller companies that care about the high comfort of employees and lower rent than in the city center. The rule is simple: the further from CBD, the more attractive the rent. In this district, you can find several atmospheric, designer spaces – ones that favor creative activity. It’s worth checking them out!

5. Private office in Ursynów

Are you looking for a more intimate space to run your business? Do you want to act locally and do not care about being close to the city center? If so, Ursynów might be a good solution. Life is more peaceful here than in Śródmieście, so it is an ideal place to rent a smaller serviced office for a small company.

6. Private office in Wilanów

Wilanów is perceived as one of the most exclusive districts of Warsaw, although it does not have such an “office” character as those in the vicinity of the city center. In “Miasteczko Wilanów”, however, there are modern office buildings that will appeal to large corporations, and moreover, you can find there more intimate spaces for local activities.

7. Private office in Praga

Prague has been experiencing a renaissance in recent years and is one of the most fashionable districts. It is worth renting a serviced office here if you are looking for an atmospheric place with a soul for a small number of employees. It must be admitted, however, that there are also several chain facilities here, and rental prices are more favorable than in CBD.

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