Access to coworking: an idea for an additional benefit for a remote employee

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has changed from a rarely practiced employment model into a standard. This is good news for employees – the market has opened up to them wider, because they can look for attractive offers even thousands of kilometers from their place of residence. Employers have gained more recruitment opportunities, but convincing a valuable candidate is not an easy task. One of the benefits that can be offered when recruiting is access to coworking. See why!

Entrepreneur on the remote job market – opportunities and challenges

Opening the labour market to remote employment means that entrepreneurs can look for good employees without geographic restrictions. Thanks to this, finding the “ideal candidate” – a person with appropriate experience and competences – has become easier. Plus, by running a business with remote employees, you can lower your operating costs. However, this situation also has specific challenges. The limitations related to finding local specialists have ended for many companies. Therefore, many potential employers compete for the best experts. Therefore, you need to find arguments that will convince the future employee.

How to attract a great candidate? The remote work model itself is no longer perceived as a benefit. A good salary, a medical package or a gym pass also became “obvious”. Therefore, the employer must look for other arguments that will encourage candidates to cooperate.

A good direction is to focus on the broadly understood “well-being” of the employee, and more specifically on the issue of work-life balance. It is worth trying to make it easier for a potential candidate to separate professional and personal life. This is where the investment in access to coworking comes into play.

Coworking: the perfect solution to home office problems

If remote work, then in the home office? For many employees who carry out their tasks online, this is the reality. However, working from home is not as ideal as it may seem at a glance. In the long run, it may involve:

  • problems with the distinction between the time for performing duties and that intended for rest,
  • procrastination and endless hours of work,
  • family conflicts,
  • trouble concentrating,
  • limiting physical activity – home office may discourage from broadly understood “moving”,
  • social isolation.

Of course, this is not always the case, but many remote workers admit that there is no “stepping stone” to doing everything from home. And this can also be a threat from the perspective of the employer who cares about cooperation with a good candidate for years. However, this will not be the case if the employee’s frustration grows and the quality of his work decreases.

Therefore, more and more companies offering the possibility of remote work buy their employees access to coworking spaces located near their place of residence.

Coworking for a remote employee – what are the benefits?

Why access to coworking for remote employees can  be such an attractive solution? Because it is a way to deal with most of the problems described above.

A coworking office is created for people working remotely or freelancers

It is a space designed for project based working – both in terms of ergonomics and atmosphere. Therefore, in a good coworking space, you can carry out your duties in peace and comfort, without disturbing other household members.

Coworking gives the possibility of interaction

Working from home can feel isolated and out of touch with people. Coworking is a place to establish relationships with others or simply perform duties in a company. This climate is positive for creativity and productivity.

A coworking office allows you to clearly separate work from private life

Working in a coworking space gives the feeling of “leaving home” and helps mentally separate responsibilities from personal matters. Thanks to this, it is easier to switch to the task-oriented mode of operation and develop a balance between professional tasks and relationships with loved ones or beloved hobbies.

How to use coworking as an advantage when hiring a remote employee?

An employer who wants to provide an employee with the possibility of remote work and access to coworking may:

  • finance the lease of coworking space in the office selected by the candidate,
  • provide access to network of coworking spaces – it is a good option for employees who are “digital nomads” and want to be able to work in a comfortable environment, regardless of the city or country of their stay.

This idea inspired you as an employer to act? Contact our team and we will advise you on how to put it into practice.