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Research has shown that freelancing has taken root in Polish culture for good. According to them, in 2021 as many as 270,000 Poles described their profession as a “freelance” and this value increased by 7% year on year. The profession of a freelancer means freedom of career development and working time. But what if you are a frelancer and your current housing conditions are not conducive to effective work, creating new advertising slogans or preparing a graphic design? Use the free Deskpicker platform and check the database of coworking offices in Warsaw!

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Work where and when you want

Long-term office rental is the real bane of every freelancer, as freelance earnings may not be constant. Working from home (home office), on the other hand, is often associated with working in unfavorable conditions, e.g. at a small desk, kitchen table or – even worse – while lying on the couch. In this situation, the Deskpicker platform comes to the rescue, gathering offers from coworking offices all over Warsaw. Thanks to Deskpicker you will find a desk where you need it and you can rent it for as long as you expect it.

Hourly coworking offices are the perfect solution for every freelancer. You can say goodbye to working from small apartment or a crowded cafe! Coworking is a work space designed for freelancers and small companies. It gives the opportunity to freely perform your duties in comfrotable conditions. Brew yourself a cup of delicious coffee from a professional coffee machine, sit into an ergonomic chair and work with full concentration. All you need is your own computer.

The great advantage of coworking offices is a flexible lease agreement. Need a change for a day? Hire a professional workplace for such a short time. Are longer construction works planned on your estate? Hide in a quiet coworking office for several months. Transparent offers of venues included in the Deskpicker database allow you to plan your expenses. You can find a desk in a coworking office at certain rates and not worry about additional costs!

Hot desk or a dedicated desk? The choice is yours!

Coworking offices available in the Deskpicker database offer both the so-called flexible desks (hot desks) as well as dedicated desks. Hotdesking is an ideal option for freelancers who do not want to be bound by complicated contracts. After entering a coworking office, you sit wherever you want – it’s that simple. But what if you want a flexible, but personalized workplace? Check out coworking spaces offering dedicated desks. Choosing this type of desk, you get your own dedicated workplace, which, regardless of the frequency of visits, remains yours until the end of the contract. A lockable cabinet for documents and the possibility of personalizing the desk will make you feel comfortable and stable in a given coworking office.

We invite freelancers from Warsaw to take advantage of the Deskpicker platform, which offers dozens of coworking spaces! Establish new collaborations and friendships in an inspiring space, designed with your productivity in mind. What if you find you need further changes? Visit Deskpicker again and find another coworking space in Warsaw!