Good location of the office space. What does it mean?

One of the first considerations when renting an office space is its good location. But what does that really mean? If you expect a very specific and unambiguous answer to this question, well … we must disappoint you, because there is no such thing. It all depends on how you operate and what you specifically need. Therefore, instead of telling you what is good, we will indicate which aspects in terms of location are worth being analized with each offer. Read on and make your choice easier!

Office space location – what is it?

You can look at the location of the office space from two perspectives.

  • Firstly, in the context of the location of the office building itself on the map. This is most often said in the context of location.
  • Secondly, it is a matter of the location of office units, and even the desks themselves, in the office building – this is also important for the comfort of employees, who will spend at least a few hours a day in the company.

We’ll take a closer look at both of these issues.

The location of the office space on the map is important

… and not only because of the prestige of the location, but above all because of its functionality. What to pay attention to? Here are the highlights.

The location of the office building in a specific district of the city

If a company office in Warsaw, then only in Śródmieście? If you care about the prestige of the location, so as to impress potential contractors, and at the same time you do not care about high rents, this may be a good solution. But not the only one.

If you do not serve customers and contractors in the office, you may want to operate in a calmer and usually less expensive environment out of CBD. It can also be easier for your employees to get there during rush hour!

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Easy acces to the office

It is not only about access by car. In large metropolises, especially in Warsaw, using a car can be a real torment. That is why more and more employees use the public transport. Hence, much more important is the proximity to the metro, tram lines or suburban railway stations. This location in the vicinity of an important transportation hub is the most important. This can be an attractive argument for potential employees.


The atmosphere created by the office building and its surroundings

In the post pandemic reality where work-life balance and the “well-being” of employees have become the priorities, office spaces with a positive mood are more and more eagerly chosen. For example, those in a loft style, located in post-industrial buildings or on the outskirts, near green areas, with a slightly more laid back nature.

Such office spaces can be a great place to develop a creative business and provide a creative mood for action. It is worth considering them.

Location of the office / desk for rent in the building itself

When choosing the location of the new headquarters of the company, it is also worth considering the issue of the location of the office unit in the building. What is important in this context?

The floor where the office is located

Do you want to rent a serviced office in an office building? Are you considering location on the lower floors or the very top? Which one will be better? Both solutions have their advantages.

On the one hand, the low floor means that there is no need to wait a long time for the elevator. During rush hour, even in buildings with a few high-speed devices, it may take a few minutes to get to the right floor. And this can be frustrating or make you being late (we know such cases). On the other hand, there is no substitute for an impressive view of the city skyline from the 20th or 30th or even higher floors. Such a picture can inspire and relax. High floors are also associated with prestige.

On the other hand, the lower floor provides easier access to the office – you can go up the stairs or take the elevator faster (without waiting for passengers to get on / off on several other floors). But the views are also less appealing.

Which solution is closer to you?


Sunlight in the office

Access to daylight in the office is extremely important. The sun’s rays stimulate and put you in a good mood. That is why it is worth choosing a office with large windows. But beware, too much sun at inappropriate time can also be problematic. Imagine the sun shining in your eyes when you want to focus on writing an important report. Or its rays reflecting off the monitor screen, making your work nearly imposible. These problems can of course be solved – it is enough that the office has blinds or roller shutters. However, it is worth considering this issue, as well as the orientation towards the sides of the world of office space.

And so:

  • exposure to the east means intense light in the morning, but also intense heating of the interior, so that it will be warm in typical “office hours” – it may turn out that you will have to use the blinds for most of the day;
  • exposure to the west means sunlight in the afternoon, earlier it will be more diffused. However, it can get sleepy here on winter mornings;
  • southern exposure translates into natural light for long hours, but for part of the day on an intensely hot day you will have to use roller shutters or blinds, as well as air conditioning;
  • northern exposure means the weakest lighting and the need for more frequent use of light.

So as you can see, there are a lot of location decisions to be made. If you have any doubts and need advice, contact us – we will advise you!