Flexible offices and remote work – use coworking and increase your productivity

Do you work remotely or hybrid from home? This has its advantages. However, there are also two challenges. First of all: finding the right place to work. Second: work-life balance. A solution that can help you deal with them is renting space in a coworking office. Warsaw, Gdańsk or Kraków – it is possible today. See how it works and why it’s worth getting into it!

Remote work – not only from home

If remote work, then only from the home office? Not necessarily! Remember about the greatest advantage of this model of working. You are not “tied” to one fixed place. Therefore, it is worth taking advantage of this fact with considering higher productivity. Changing the environment will help stimulate your creativity as well as increase your motivation to act – especially when you feel that you are “stuck”.

However, if not at home, where? Moving from home to a coffee shop is not as comfortable option as it may seem. Even a quiet place will not create optimal conditions for concentration. Besides, there is the issue of ergonomics. You have a task ahead of you and you need to work for at least a few hours? It is better not to do it while sitting on a coffee shop hocker or on a low couch, without space for a comfortable laptop position.

Therefore, the best place to “escape” from the home office is a coworking office. It is a space where people working remotely or hybrid will gain full freedom of action, with high flexibility of lease. You can read more about flex spaces here.

Coworking offices offer a number of benefits

When it comes to Warsaw, you can find coworking in almost every district – from Śródmieście, through Ochota, to Praga, Wola or Wilanów. Therefore, you do not have to prepare for a long commuting to the rented hot desk or private office. You can easily find a workplace in an suitable location.

You decide on the type of place to work

When working at home, do you miss the company of other people and feel lonely? If so, you can use a desk in an open space in a coworking office. It is also an opportunity for new, interesting business cooperation, and even for a longer acquaintance. Do you prefer working highly focused? Choose a dedicated desk. You decide.

You work in coworking when you want

Most coworking offices in Warsaw and other large cities work 24/7. Which means if you want to work in the middle of the night or in the break of dawn, it won’t be a problem. At home, working these hours is often impossible, because you would wake up the rest of the family.

You rent for as long as you need

Flexible desks in coworking can be rented even for 1 day. Thus, you do not have to be bound by long contracts that would somehow “force” you to visit the office you rent every day. On the contrary – this work model means that you can treat the hot desk as an occasional break from working at home and always work as you want.

Rental of coworking offices – an option also for an employer who cares about the work-life balance of employees

Most often, freelancers or remote employees decide to rent coworking space. However, more and more often the clients of flex offices are entrepreneurs who want to provide their team members with optimal conditions for working outside the company. Offering a remote or hybrid employee the option of using a hot desk in one of the office buildings in Warsaw or Krakow may become an additional argument during recruitment. So let’s consider such a solution.

Are you looking for a good coworking office in Warsaw or another big city for yourself or members of your remote team? Contact us. We will help you find a space for creative work!