Flexible spaces in Warsaw: a venue from a network or independent ?

The decision was made to rent a flexible space in Warsaw and you are wondering what to choose? One of the decisions is whether to choose a coworking venue from the network or an independent flexible space. What is better? Depends on what you are looking for. Here is a comparison of the main advantages of both of these solutions.

Flexible space from the network / outside the network – does it matter?

If you are thinking of renting a desk in a coworking space or a serviced office in Warsaw for the first time, this market is probably unknown to you. One of the first things to know is that this workspaces are run by both “standalone” sites and networks – including international ones.

Although the scope of services offered by both is similar, their nature and specificity will be different. A good comparison is to visiting chain cafes and those that operate in one unique place. Consider what the differences between these spots are. You will find a similar one between networks and individual coworking venues.

Choosing each option has its own advantages and brings other benefits – it is worth knowing about them and opening up to both solutions. Each of them may surprise you positively!


Flexible network workspaces in Warsaw – what makes them stand out?

There are several networks of flexible spaces and serviced offices in Warsaw. Some good examples are:

  • WeWork – an international network of flexible spaces, giving access to approx. 700 venues all over the world;
  • Mindspace – a large chain with its venues in European capitals, but also in the USA and the Middle East.

Using a “chain” for freelancers is often associated with obtaining a membership card that allows you to use all the facilities belonging to a given operator. It is therefore a convenient solution, e.g. for digital nomads who travel frequently, but also for those who expect a predictable, stable standard.

Choosing a flexible space in one of Warsaw’s chain coworking spaces may mean:

  • predictable and repeatable quality of venues – you can expect similar conditions in each of them, as well as the “rules of the game” related to the operation. This can make things easier, especially if you change a place you work from frequently;
  • higher level of anonymity – network objects are usually large, so it is easy to find here both a place for quiet work and a place with a more creative atmosphere;
  • greater potential for establishing business contacts – chain flexible spaces are often chosen by entrepreneurs traveling from other countries, as well as people who focus on valuable networking.

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Flexible spaces in Warsaw – not from the chain: what makes them stand out?

There are also many coworking “gems” in Warsaw that do not belong to large chains. These are usually intimate places with a unique atmosphere, conducive to creative work. They are located in interesting locations – often on the outskirts of the bustling business center of Warsaw.

Here you can expect:

  • a more “cozy”, smaller space that favors a homely atmosphere,
  • greater social potential – in small flexible spaces it is easier to make friends and build long-term relationships;
  • individual approach to your needs.

However, you must remember that each such venue has its own unique standard – it is worth getting to know it well before renting.

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