How much does it cost to rent a flexible office space in Warsaw and what does it depend on?

Are you considering renting an office in Warsaw in a flexible model? There are many venues that offer such a service, which is why you definitely need to compare different offers. One of the key factors to make a choice, of course, is the price. Why do some offices cost PLN 600 per work station, and others PLN 1800? See what the serviced offices rates in Warsaw depend on and what to look for when choosing a workspace.

Serviced offices in Warsaw – prices are rising

In the capital, the choice of venues with serviced offices is wide, but availability is constantly declining. Interestingly, this is happening despite the fact that recently there has been a noticeable increase in the prices of spaces for rent. This increase is dictated by the huge demand for serviced offices in Warsaw. There are more and more people willing to rent such flex space, and the market laws are inexorable. The less there are, the more expensive they will be. In addition, it should be noted that the venues with flexible spaces have been affected by increases in electricity and gas prices. We are already talking about even several dozen percent increases compared to the rates in 2021, and this is still not the last word. The difficult geopolitical situation may lead to further increases.

Therefore, if you want to rent a flexible space in the Warsaw, it is worth hurrying before further increases and considering a longer commitment, e.g. 12-18 months. This will allow you to “freeze” rental costs to a large extent and give your company greater predictability of expenses.

What factors affect the cost of renting a serviced office in Warsaw?

Several factors affect the cost of renting office space in Warsaw. Decide which is the most important for you and your team and consciously choose the office so that it combines a reasonable price with providing your team with optimal conditions for operation.

Flexible space type

First of all, the price depends on the type of flexible space. A serviced office will always be more expensive than flexible or dedicated desks, because a serviced office gives you more – you have your own closed work space.

Location of the serviced office in Warsaw

The more attractive the business location of the venue, the higher the rental rate will be. You can expect that the rates for a serviced office in Śródmieście will be higher than, for example, in a similar standard space in Praga district. The question, however, is whether it is always worth betting on the most prestigious address? If you do not serve customers directly in the premises, because, for example, you contact them remotely. Could it be worth reducing costs by choosing a facility in a quieter neighborhood?

Biura w Warszawie
Central offices will always be more expensive

Equipment of the serviced office and its standard

Serviced offices, as a rule, are equipped so that you can start work quickly. However, it is worth paying attention to what is in the standard of the premises and what is the quality of the equipment offered. Before choosing the premises with the lowest rent, check how much you will have to invest so that the space provides your team with ergonomic conditions for operation. Perhaps your team needs specific solutions. It is worth talking about it, because the competition on the labor market is fierce, and loyalty to the employer is often called into question for mundane reasons.

The class of the office building where you rent space

If you expect the highest standard, take a closer look at A-class office spaces. These are the ones located in modern office buildings. Good access to parking spaces, 24/7 security and reception, a large amount of natural light in the office space, air conditioning, excellent infrastructure – this makes everyday work in such a building comfortable. However, convenience and prestige are also followed

B-class offices, often located e.g. in tenement houses or post-industrial buildings, are distinguished by a more intimate atmosphere and still good infrastructure. Rental rates may be lower there.

The range of services that are included in the cost of renting a serviced office

The price of renting a serviced office includes many additional services – e.g. reception service, access to common areas, including a kitchen with free coffee and tea or entertainment zones, cleaning service or the possibility of using conference rooms. The wider the range of additional benefits included in the price, the higher the rate will be. Therefore, it is worth considering which of the additional options you really need and which you can give up as part of optimizing the rental costs.

As you can see, the final rate of renting an office depends on many issues. It is difficult to give a “binding”, typical rate for a serviced office position in Warsaw. Currently, the situation is even more complicated by the rushing inflation, electricity and gas costs and the geopolitical situation, therefore the prices quoted today may be different tomorrow.

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