Hybrid work: how to introduce this model so that the office is not empty?

Hybrid work – how to encourage people to come to the office? A week remotely, a week at the office? Or maybe 3 days in the office and 2 days in the home office mode? Hybrid work has many faces. This model is very attractive to employees as it allows them to maintain a healthy work-life balance. The problem is thatthere is a serious threat for the employer – namely that the office will be empty and generate unnecessary costs. How to prevent it? The solution may be a properly selected serviced office. Read more.

Hybrid work – not necessarily more from home than from the office

Hybrid work is a model that allows you to perform some of your duties from home. Especially after the COVID-19 lockdown, many people have got used to the home office mode – without commuting, stiff hours or having to get ready to go out. That is why employers who give their team a choice are more and more often struggling with emptiness in the premises and a burnt budget for renting an office.

It doesn’t have to be that way! You don’t have to limit the remote mode to fill the headquarters again. On the contrary – make office work more attractive. This is the key to success!

What will make a company office an attractive place to work again?

The above question is one of the most important that a modern employer must answer. So what will an employee expect so that he or she wants to spend most of the hours at the company’s headquarters, and not at the home office?

Flexible working hours

If your company works mostly on projects, keeping your working hours fixed is not a good solution. Give your employees the opportunity to work at a time convenient for them. Some people will want to start earlier – so that they can devote their afternoons to hobbies or family life. Others may prefer later hours, because in the morning they have to take the children to school or arrange official matters. So they can, at least partially, give freedom to your work schedule. Define, for example, days and hours when employees must be in the office – e.g. time for team meetings, training sessions or other events in which everyone must participate. Great flexibility can encourage you to work from the office.

Note, how much flexibility you can get is conditioned by the rules governing the office building where you rent the space. If you want to give your employees complete freedom, make sure the facility is available 24 hours a day.


A location that favors easy access

A good office is one that is easy to reach, even during rush hours – and therefore one that is within the reach of public transport. If you are at the stage of choosing a location, make sure it is well connected to different parts of the city and suburban areas. You can also think about reorganizing office work and switching to the Hub and Spoke model. Then, outside the company’s headquarters, where the most important meetings are held, you rent smaller workspaces in various districts of the city – those that are simply easier and faster to reach.

Choose a space that stimulates creativity

Consider modern coworking offices, which are becoming more and more popular, are not only desks, chairs and equipment. These are spaces of a unique character with a wide range of additional “attractions”. A large, sunny patio where you can enjoy your morning coffee with a phenomenal view of the city? Fun zone with a game console? Chillout space with comfortable seats and relaxing music? These are just some of the options that will attract your team to the office like a magnet.

Of course, the solutions described above do not exhaust ideas on how to encourage employees to perform their duties from the office. However, if you choose the right place for your office, the chances of it not being empty for most of the week are small. So get to know the coworking offices and serviced offices that you can rent with our help and see how much your team can gain!