Office work ergonomics – how to take care of it in a flex space?

How much time do you spend sitting? If you do typical office work, probably at least 6 hours a day. It’s ¼ of a day! That is why it is so important to take care of your comfort behind the desk. What to do so that office work does not end with back pain, circulation problems and general fatigue? Here’s how you can take care of its ergonomics in a flex surface.

Does working in a flex space favor ergonomics?

Certainly properly selected flex space fovors high comfort of office work. The reason is simple: coworking and serviced offices are designed and equipped for those who spend many hours behind a desk. That is why you can find a lot of amenities here – both when it comes to furniture, as well as the general organization of space.

But beware – remember that flexible spaces vary. So don’t choose the first one coworking space. Pay attention to what solutions affecting the ergonomics of work are available in the venue you are interested in and assess whether they will be sufficient for you. If in doubt, feel free to contact us – we will advise.

Which elements of the flex space fittings are conducive to ergonomics?

What should you expect from a flex space if you plan to spend many hours behind your desk? Here are a few things you need to pay special attention to.

Ergonomic seats

An armchair for long work behind a desk should have:

  • high backrest that will stabilize the entire spine,
  • the “tilt” function, which ensures the chair to adapt to your movement;
  • seat height and backrest tilt adjustment,
  • armrests on which you can rest your hands, e.g. when typing on the keyboard,

Each of these elements will affect how you feel after you’ve spent hours tapping the keyboard.

Height-adjustable desks

It is difficult to standardize the height of a desk – especially if you are short or tall, the typical table top position may not be appropriate for you. Therefore, the best option is an adjustable desk. It will allow you to change your position from time to time.

The best solution is a desk that also allows you to work standing. There are activities that you can perform standing – this is very important, because several dozen minutes spent in this position can have a very positive effect on blood circulation and protect you, for example, against foot swelling after many hours of sitting still.

Lighting that is good for your eyes

Light in an office, in a computer room, should be at least 500 lux. It is also worth paying attention to its color – it should be neutral or slightly warm. In such conditions, your eyesight will not tire quickly, and at the same time you will maintain an appropriate level of concentration.

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You can do more to make your flex work ergonomic!

Appropriate equipment in a coworking or serviced office space is only one aspect that affects ergonomics. You can also take care of it! Do this:

  • Take a break from working at the computer once an hour for at least 5 minutes – during this time, it is best to take a breath in the fresh air or looking somewhere into the distance. Your eyesight will thank you!
  • use a leg rest, which will allow you to keep them in a slightly raised position – this is important for circulation;
  • do exercises at the desk – stretch and try to move your feet and whole legs.

These simple tips can help you finish your working day without back pain and with energy to pursue your passions.