Brain Embassy Konstruktorska

Find your FLEX. Review: Brain Embassy Konstruktorska

Are you looking for an office for rent in the southern part of Warsaw?
Be sure to visit the Brain Embassy Konstruktorska.


We visited Brain Embassy Konstruktorska in mid-April. The address of the place is Konstruktorska 11, the Mokotów office area in the former Służewiec Przemysłowy. And here may appear various associations, perhaps doubts. Especially when it comes to access. As it turns out, this one is not difficult at all. By public transport from the center with the help of the metro, and then by bus from Metro Wierzbno (bus 218 – running every 15 minutes and bus 308 running every 15 minutes, but only in the morning and afternoon rush hours) we got there in about 30 minutes. It will only take a little shorter to reach place by car. There is no paid parking zone on site, but we will practically not experience public car parks here. Fortunately, the building has parking spaces, both for monthly subscriptions and for ad hoc parking on an hourly basis. A big plus for that! Getting out of the taxi also does not have to take place on the main street (Konstruktorska), because the taxi may enter the internal road, where it can be done much more comfortably. It is worth noting that quite recently this part of Mokotów was connected with the extension of Woronicza St. with Żwirki i Wigury St. This connection, via Konstruktorska Street and the further extended Suwak St., makes it possible to reach and leave the surrounding offices or apartments even more efficiently. Brain Embassy is a big beneficiary of this new connection.

After reaching the place, in front of the building, we immediately see a small, modern amphitheater. It is a place created by the owner of the building, who is also the originator and owner of Brain Embassy, that is Adgar Poland. The intention of the amphitheater is to serve the local community, although it has not been heavily exploited so far due to Covid-19. This season, it will surely change what Brain Embassy is going to take care of, as it plans to organize attractions for its tenants there.

Amfiteatr przy BE
Amphitheater in front of the building.
Wejście do budynku
Main entrance to the building.

Before entering the building, let’s look around for services and lunch opportunities. Neither one nor the other is missing. The merit of this is the expanding residential and office facilities all around. Hamburgers, sushi, a traditional canteen – you can find everything within walking distance. As it turned out later, in order to buy a dinner, you do not have to leave the office, because the venue is visited by several suppliers every day with a wide range of ready-made dinners.

Having passed the amphitheater, we come to the main entrance to the building. This one, once called Adgar Business Center II, was renamed Adgar Bit in 2018. Most importantly, however, it has been thoroughly modernized. Looking outside, you can see that it is a building from the turn of the century (built in 2000) and you can have doubts about its modernity, but already at the reception we can see changes and a breath of modern design. The building reception desk meets all expectations. Security is present, monitoring too. The building is accessible for disabled people.

Standard of the venue

The Brain Embassy Konstruktorska is located on the three upper floors of the building. The main Community Desk and staff are located on the top of the three, the 6th floor. It is the command center and the place where you can put forward any needs. When you get here, you have no doubts anymore that we are dealing with the highest standard and an exceptional space. The whole arrangement is made tastefully, with wooden elements, a lot of plants and colors and all this makes the time spent in the office very pleasant. In the Brain Embassy Konstruktorska, the standard is window blinds, led lighting, windows that can be opened, air conditioning and high-speed Wi-Fi internet. There are terraces on the top 2 floors that surround almost the entire building. During the spring and summer period, it will be difficult to resist your morning coffee in the fresh air overlooking the view from the 6th or 5th floor. Brain Embassy Konstruktorska is friendly to cyclists. You can park your bike comfortably, as well as refresh yourself in the shower if the ride was longer.

Offices for rent

At Brain Embassy, you can rent any type of flexible space: hot desks, dedicated desks and private offices. Open spaces with flexible desks, in Brain Embassy called Be Together, are located in many places, so everyone can find a suitable spot for themselves. You can sit the hocker at the higher table near the shared kitchen. You can also sit traditionally at the desk. A big plus for the furniture that Brain Embassy offers. These are delivered in collaboration with Kinnarps. Office chairs are very comfortable and you will not feel any discomfort even if you sit for a long time. Desks are just the right size and height-controlled! A great option if you prefer to spend part of your day working standing. However, there are many more different “nooks and crannies” for work. Importantly, there is also a silence zone in the form of a library, where there is a culture of not answering phones and loud conversations.

Open space
Hot desk in the open space.
You don`t want to work by the desk? No problem.
Open space
Dedicated desks... Is that Mini?
You can either work comfortably on the stairs.
What if you want to rent a private office? There are over 50 of those in the Brain Embassy on Konstruktorska Street. Currently, however, only a few are available. The size of the offices is from 1 to 12. Each of them is equipped with the aforementioned comfortable chairsand a standard desk, which can be exchanged into an electrically raised desk for an additional fee. When renting a private office, you can use the entire facility (networking, co-working zone, silence zone) not only in a given location, but also from all Brain Embassy facilities, and there are already 5 of them in Warsaw, and the sixth will be open soon.
If you have a larger company and want to locate it in Brain Embassy, you have 2 options: rent a few private offices or use the Be Yourself concept on the 4th floor. This proposal makes it possible to rent a fully furnished office space for larger companies. At Konstruktorska, 19 to 36 people can sit in one unit, depending on the choice. As of the day of writing this review, a 24-26 person unit is available. This means that a maximum of 26 people can sit there in accordance with all standards and regulations. If so many people will use this office, you will pay for 26 workstations. If you want a little more space you can accommodate fewer people there, but the minimum rent you will be paying will be equivalent of 24 workstations.
You have bigger company - Be Yourself will be best solution.
Be Yourself
In the unit there is own kitchenette.
Be Yourself units are comfortable offices, in which small kitchenettes are already prepared, most often there is also an independent, own conference room, a separate office room and a storage room. Renting the Be Yourself office unit at Brain Embassy gives you access to all benefits of common spaces in all Brain Embassy locations. It is worth adding that regardless of the solution you choose, you have the option of registering a company at the address of this location.
Office work also includes meetings, teleconferences and confidential conversations. You will find a suitable room for each of these activities. Private conversations can be made in one of the many telephone booths (also real London ones;)) You can meet your clients in one of several meeting rooms of various sizes. You can conduct a teleconference in one of the rooms equipped with a TV and a camera, with which you will connect wirelessly. Each room reservation is a cost specified in the credits. You get these in different amounts depending on the space you rent. You will get 2 credits for a hot desk, and you will get 10 credits for each desk in a private office. What are the credits enough for? Apart from the largest rooms, the usually an hour of renting a room is 2 credits. The Co-creating room is a one-of-a-kind space to rent. It is an event space. There are at least 250 square meters here and it can accommodate up to 150 people. Co-creating is space for rent eagerly used for various events, also by external companies.
Phone booth.
One of many meeting rooms.
Technology continues to gain in importance at Brain Embassy. We can already say goodbye to the access control card. You will get access to the location via your smartphone using the dedicated Blue Bolt application operating in all areas of the Brain Embassy in Warsaw. Tenants also have access to an application that allows you to book the meeting rooms just mentioned. There you will also learn the schedule of events prepared for you … And if we are talking about these, there are some of them: yoga, English or networking meetings. Looking at the schedule, we had the feeling that it was just right to use the potential of coworking.

The community team calls tenants “Brainers”. The term is very interesting and captures the spirit not only of this Brain Embassy, but of all the locations. The idea of the place is to create a friendly environment, not only for work, but for all those who have an “open mind”. To create a place where people support each other, cooperate and help develop their businesses. The community aspect is strongly exposed here, not only in theory but also in practice. Brainers “on Kostruktorska” know each other, talk and cooperate. We found out that they even created a tea mix together – a small thing, but it is nice :)! There are cyclical breakfasts where you can present your company. As it turns out, many of these presentations turned into regular collaborations. The community team defines working together at Brain Embassy as a co-creating, which is to be a step further than coworking.

What is Brain Embassy?
English classes - every Tuesday.
The kitchen always favour integration. There are a few shared ones on site, “scattered” around the facility so that it is convenient for everyone to reach them. Each is equipped with the necessary equipment. The largest one is equipped with induction hobs. Thanks to this, you can cook dinner by your own. In the spirit of co-creation, you can also cook together with other Brainers 🙂 In the whole Brain Embassy Konstruktorska there are 5 types of coffee blends and several types of teas, including the aforementioned own blend. Something for everyone.
One of few kithchens in the venue.
You are always welcome for a joint meal.

Finally, words of appreciation for the team serving this location – after all, “the place is created by people”. Thanks to them, you feel very comfortable and safe using the office space. From the entrance you know who to report to if you encounter any difficulties. Enthusiasm and commitment are evident in every sentence about this location!

We will end the review with the some terms offered by Brain Embassy Konstruktorska. For selected solutions, you should take into account the monthly net expenditure:

  • Flexible desk – Be Together – PLN 800
  • Dedicated desk – Be Together – PLN 1,300
  • Private office – Be Involved – PLN 1,200-1,800 per work station, depending on the office
  • Private Unit for companies – Be Yourself – PLN 1,300 for a work station
  • Parking space – PLN 200
  • Broadband in a private office or in Be Yourself – PLN 500

When renting an office, you should take into account a deposit of equivalent of 1 month of rental, and the minimum rental period is 2 months, resulting from a monthly notice period.

To sum up

The Brain Embassy Konstruktorska is an inconspicuous place from the outside with a great atmosphere and a high standard inside. The mood and standard created by the elements of equipment, such as very comfortable furniture and lots of greenery, but also by the excellent community team that supports this location. It is a place where you can feel the spirit of the community. The access is good, and the neighbourhood allows you to conveniently deal with non-business needs. There are enough places to eat lunch.
At Brain Embassy Konstruktorska, everyone will find a comfortable place to work and the atmosphere of kindness and cooperation makes you want to work here. Keep it up!