We are starting our series: Find your FLEX

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Dear readers, we are starting our series of reviews of venues that offer flexible office space for rent, i.e. serviced offices, hot  desks and dedicated desks, which you can find at Deskpicker. Our reviews will describe the places from the user’s perspective. Using our experience and asking additional questions to the community team responsible for a given venue, we will try to exhaust the topic as much as possible. We will visit flexible work spaces located in city centers, as well as local ones. We will present both network and private solutions. We will answer the question of whether a given place is a serviced office or coworking, or maybe yet another formula that defies simple divisions. This series is a collection of our subjective opinions, although we tried to make them as objective as possible. We realize that individual objects may be perceived by you differently than we perceive them. We’d love to hear from you.

We will try to describe in detail all the objects in our database. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

The review methodology is simple. We visit a given venue and spend the working day there. This allows us to assess the location – neighborhood and access. Here, the reference point for us is the access from the city center, although of course the local facilities will be much more easily accessible to the neighbors from the next block and such a reference may not make sense. The quality of a building with offices is assessed quite subjectively, using a comparative method, having knowledge of many different buildings and office spaces. In the work space itself, we have the opportunity to talk to the community staff responsible for a place. We try to understand and present to you the idea for a given place, which guided its founders. The working day allows us to visit all corners of the facility and learn about its specifics. Sometimes we will be able to talk to its users and present their opinions. In addition, we try to supplement the reviews with photos that reflect the mood of the place.

When visiting the locations, we use the “Choosing a new office” guide created by Deskpicker for evaluation. It allows us to methodically gather all the necessary information and does not allow us to forget about any important issue. If you are looking for an office for rent, you can also use it!

See our first review: Brain Embassy Konstruktorska.

We invite you to read it now.