What are the types of flexible work spaces

Flexible work spaces

Currently, the concept of flexible work spaces or flexible offices is used more and more often. It is caused by changes in the work model. More and more companies are considering implementing this form of utilizing space at the expense of traditional office space leases. The general characteristics of flexible spaces can be found in our other post: “What are flexible offices and how do they differ from traditional rental offices?”

Below you will find the description of the different types of flexible work spaces. Remember that individual descriptions are a kind of generalization, and the scope of services and amenities in venues may differ from those indicated below. If you want to learn more about a specific venue, please contact us or the venue directly via Deskpicker.

Flexible desk (hot desk):

A hot desk is a single work desk. Mostly used by individuals, freelancers or small teams. These desks most often are located in the common areas of the venue. This is where coworking takes place the most.

Coworking space in WeWork Europejski
Coworking space next to hot desk area in WeWork Europejski, Warsaw

There are from several to several dozen desks in this space, and having a subscription for “hot desks”, you can use this area by sitting anywhere, at any desk. Often in such spaces, you can work on cozy armchairs, sofas, pouffes and other interesting places. Remember that the most interesting spots and those by the window are occupied first, so you need to arrive earlier to capture them. Depending on the venue, access to such workstations may be 24 hours a day or at other indicated, shorter hours.

This option will be the cheapest. Prices start from ca. PLN 300 per station per month, but this form allows you to rent a desk even for an hour. Usually you have the option of using the shared kitchen, where you will find free coffee and tea, and for an additional fee you can use the printer or the conference room. If the venue also offers networking activities, you’ll be able to participate.

Hot desks in Workin Senatorska
Hot desks in Workin Senatorska. Right next to it, there is a common area with a kitchen and less formal places to work, Warsaw

Working in a shared space is often chosen by freelancers as an alternative to the “home office”. Working in a group, even though the users are not from one company (although they may), is inspiring, stimulates motivation, disciplines, but also fosters business and social contacts.

Dedicated desk  (fixed desk):

Dedicated desks are quite similar to flexible desks. The difference is that you have a specific desk assigned to you and no one else works on it. Other amenities and additional services are the same as for flexible desks.

The advantage of this solution is that you can leave your belongings on the desk. You don’t have to pack them every day and leave an empty desk for someone else to use it tomorrow. It also gives a greater sense of security in the face of the spread of the coronavirus. Most often, dedicated desks are located in a separate, closed space, slightly more intimate than flexible desks.

Dedicated desks in DOBRA Coworking
Dedicated desks in DOBRA Coworking. You can leave your belongings over night.

For fixed desks, you may experience a slightly longer minimum period of using such a workplace. Most often it will be a month. The prices will be around PLN 200-500 higher than the prices for a flexible desk in the same venue.

Serviced office (private office):

Serviced office, also known as a private office. It is a solution dedicated to larger teams, SMEs and corporations. It can be a 2-person room as well as a 120-person office.

The minimum rental period is one month, but it can also be longer. It will certainly be if you want to adapt the office to your specific needs. The more changes you expect on your new space (and provided that they are technically possible in the building), the longer the lease period will be required by the operator, during which he will have to amortize the investments made for the fit out.

Private office in New Work Neopark
Private, serviced office only for your team in New Work Neopark, Warsaw

A serviced office is a separate furnished space (desks and office chairs) only for your team. It is locked or access is limited by card access control. When you rent an office like this, you can usually also register your business at this address. The operator’s front desk will support you with administrative matters, such as receiving mail or directing your guests. The price includes the possibility of using a printer and conference rooms in a certain extend. Serviced offices choose companies that require seperate space only for them.

What way of flexible working do you choose?

Which solution is best for you will result from the nature of your work and individual preferences, and mostly from the size of the company and the number of people to be working in the new space. If you conduct a lot of confidential phone calls, work better in silence and concentration, and a dozen or so people move with you to a new place, the choice will be a private office. However, if your work allows you a bit of freedom, you have no problem when other people are talking around you and the team consists of 2-3 people, consider flexible or dedicated desks.

Also consider combining both! This will allow you to optimize costs and allow you to take full advantage of each solution.