Budynek biurowy

Office viewing guide

Finding a new office for rent can be a long and demanding process.

It is time to find new office for rent? Most often, you want to see several options to learn about the possibilities, compare solutions and prices, however after a few viewings, you may forget the details of individual meetings. At the end of the day, you will find that you do not remember anything.

Deskpicker lends a hand and provides you with a guide to use when viewing potential new offices. Guide will allow you to ask important questions, write down answers and comments, evaluate each object and systematize the acquired knowledge. This will allow you to easily compare all the offices you visited.

Remember to take photos and write down your subjective feelings as well. If you are viewing an office with several people, it is a good idea for each of your team members to complete the guide form themselves. This will allow you to make a decision even more objectively.

When viewing the new office you want to rent, pay attention how easy is to access it by various means of transport. The location, to some extent, will also determine the prestige of a given venue. Evaluate the location also in this respect, if it is important to you.

See not only your potential future office space, but also the common areas of the venue and the entire building. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Write down your answers so that you don’t miss anything in your final evaluation. If you need to visit the office again, do it.

You may have already received a price offer before your viewing. However, ask about any additional fees: printing, use of conference rooms, parking, registration address, initial fee, fee at the end of the lease for reinstating the space to its original condition.

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