Hot desk

A flexible desk, also known as a hot desk, is a single work desk. Most often rented by individuals, freelancers or small teams. These are desks most often located in the common area of the venue, in the open space. It is here that coworking, i.e. working on a shared space, takes place most often and the most. There are several to several dozen desks in this space, and people who rent hot desk use this common space by sitting anywhere, at any desk. Depending on the venue, access to such workstations may be 24 hours a day or at other indicated, shorter hours.

Renting a flexible desk will be the cheapest form of using flexible spaces. Usually you have the option of using the shared kitchen, where you will find free coffee and tea, and for an additional fee you can use the printer or the conference rooms. If the venue also offers networking activities, you'll be able to participate.

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