How it works...

The Deskpicker is a marketplace for individuals and companies looking for a workspace and venues that can provide with extraordinary spaces to meet those needs.

If you are looking for a space to work, thanks to our platform you can easily search and compare dozens of available options. Check if the venue meets your expectations by reading the detailed descriptions. Make a decision, sign a contract online.

If you own or manage a venue that offers workspaces and you want to lease them effectively, don't allow you are not in our database. With Deskpicker your workspaces will be searched more often and you will have more potential members. Respond to inquiries and enjoy new signed contracts.

The workspace best sutited to the member

Members satisfied with extraordinary workspaces

At Deskpicker, we want each side of the transaction to be satisfied. That is why we want the descriptions of venues in our database to answer the most important questions, so that the choice for new members is easier and more accurate.

Do you value your time?

Deskpicker was created to make both searching for workspaces and adding a workspaces to the database as simple and efficient as possible.

Want support at every stage?

If you have any questions or need help, our team is always there for you.

Do you want to have an impact?

Deskpicker supports nature protection. We share our income with natural environment protection organizations. Thanks to you.